Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dog Rescuerers

We heard you barking in your yard. We didn't know who you were, but we heard you. Oh, yes, we heard you, whining and whimpering. Finally at 11:15 at night, we couldn't take any more. Were you hurt? Were you scared? We had to find out.

You were at the neighbor's house in a kennel. No you weren't hurt, but you were scared and cold, having to be outside for the first time in your little puppy life. Due to circumstances beyond their control, the neighbors couldn't keep you. She asked, did we want you?

We took you in, loved on you and put you to bed. So tired after your long ordeal, you slept peacefully all night. Quite impressive for not even being 3 months old.

We told ourselves we shouldn't get attached, 2 dogs in our small house is too much. We will find you a good home. Find it, we did and now we miss you, Little Bandit. We got attached, how could we not, you cute little thing?


  1. He was a sweet little puppy! I'm glad you were able to find a home for him....and I didn't have to talk Lonnie out of taking him!

  2. Amy!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I'm glad we found him a home although it was a difficult decision.