Thursday, January 1, 2009

Forward! March! Organization!

January screams ORGANIZATION to me. I must answer it's call.

Some ideas to get me going:

Books I borrowed from the library. (You'll notice a theme here.)
A Simple Choice: a practical guide for saving your time, money and sanity by Deborah Taylor-Hough
How to Simplify your life: seven practical steps to letting go of your burdens and living a happier life by Tiki Kustenmacher
Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald

Organized Home has a household planner that you can print...for free. The list of printables is outstanding. In my organization frenzy, I'm also working on monthly meal plans. The printable at this site will help with that. And a Pantry tracker?? Be still my heart. How many cans of cream of mushroom soup do I have to buy at Aldi before I start using a Pantry tracker??

This site has some tips for decluttering once and for all.

And any organizing post would be remiss not to mention The Flylady. Tomorrow I'm going to declutter the living room...I don't know if I'll find 27 things to throw out, but we'll see.

What does January say to you? Do you have a great freezer meal that your family loves? Share, won't you?


  1. I'm with you! I just finished decluttering and reorganizing my closet and plan on tackling my husband's closet next. After that, it will be on to the boys' bedroom (Hulk and Flash are a good many wonderful things, but they are NOT organized by nature!).

  2. This is Marissa's friend, Ellyn. :) I like your blog. My mom loves FlyLady too and we used to do the 27 fling thing. :) You're a good writer. Have a great day,