Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Heather Meets FaceBook

So I joined the Facebook family...eerr...facebook people, network, whatever. I'm still not entirely sure what to think of it. I mean, really, I'm chatting with people on Facebook that live 15 minutes down the road...I know more of what's going on in their lives from reading their facebook pages than from actually talking to them. Is that good?

I still haven't decided.

What has been fun is connecting with people I knew a long time ago--you know, like in high school. It's been fun in an interesting kind of way. Not even sure if I can explain it. Being friends with college buddies and long lost friends has been neat.

So on to the next neat thing about facebook--when Sarah died her facebook lit up with friends saying good bye to her and leaving condolences for the family. Astounding. I think it gave people an outlet for expressing their grief and sharing their grief with others who love and knew her.

If you are on Facebook, do you like it? If so, what do you like about. Educate me on the benefits of Facebook. :) Okay, well until they come up with some technology that will make homemade meals, I'd better get supper going.


  1. I have had fun catching up with some of my classmates from high school on Facebook; it's actually only been recently that I started adding people I still see regularly!

    I like how it lets you write a single line about what you're doing instead of having to write a lot; it's neat to hear about what people are up to and post jokes or encouragement.

  2. Nathan,

    You are right--it has been fun catching up with some high school friends on Facebook. And I also am learning to enjoy keeping up with friends close by through Facebook. :)

  3. I used to be on FB. It was neat to get in touch with many from the past. However, I found it sucked up my time too easily. I may return someday but only time will tell.