Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Kate a.k.a. crocheted doll

I've been working on "Baby Kate" for two months. This is my first project like this, always before I've done blankets, dish cloths and the like. I felt a little bit like Gepetto as I watched her 'come to life'. I found the pattern in The Big Book of Weekend Crochet by Hilary Mackin and Sue Whiting. I'm not sure where the "weekend" part comes in, maybe I'm just slow. It was a very rewarding project though.

She kind of looks like a football player here...sorry, but I wanted you to see the cute little button.

The name "Kate" comes from our sweet friend, Sarah Katharine, who died two weeks ago today. Baby Kate will soon belong to our neighbor's little girl, Alea. I babysit her a couple days a month and have done so since she was about 10 weeks old. Alea loves all items crochet. She loves to put her little fingers in the holes and she sleeps with two such items, lovingly called "binks". She turned two the first week of March, however Baby Kate didn't have a dress yet. After a day and a half of sitting on the couch with my sick little girl, Kate's dress is finished. Alea is going to love her. :)


  1. Do you have to know a fancy stitch to do that? I only know the very basic stitch but making a doll looks much more interesting then a blanket.

  2. No fancy stitches. The doll was all single crochet. The other stitches used were double and half double. You do have to know how to decrease--I looked online and found a step-by-step guide to dc2tog and dc4tog. It wasn't too difficult.

  3. Thanks, Birdie. You are always so encouraging!!