Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ideas for School Next Year

Looking toward next year school plans, I thought I'd jot down some things that I want to do with the kids. I'm not sure if these exact plans will come to fruition, but we'll see.
  • Flat Stanley--I really want to do this with Bethany (and Trenton). I'd like to send Flat Stanley all over the US and other countries as well. If you would like to have Flat Stanley come visit you, or you have friends/family in other states that would be gracious hostesses, let me know in the comments. Having Flat Stanley visit your home is fun and easy. We actually had Flat Stanley come to our home a couple years ago. We took him with us when we went on field trips, took pictures of him at our local court house and other city buildings, unique restaurants and shops. Our area Chamber of Commerce even had a "Flat Stanley packet" that included a lot of history about our city and other tid-bits of information. We had fun with him. I've also heard of making it a "Flat _______ (insert your child's name)". You make the cut out yourself and put a picture of your child's face on it. So, lots of ideas there.
  • Galloping the Globe--I've had this book and have pulled bits out, but this coming year, I'd like to delve into it more consistently with B and T. The book is comprehensive, giving ideas for books, activities, maps, etc. There is also a Yahoo group for Galloping the Globe which is a great resource.
  • Five In a Row--I've used this book in the past and would like to continue it more thoroughly this year. With T, I'm going to use Before Five in a Row as well as letting him sit in on B's reading and instruction. Homeschoolshare has many of these books in lapbooks for free.
  • Institute for Excellence in Writing--Marissa is going to do this writing program. Another friend and I are going to do it together. Funny thing about my girl, she enjoys writing when she wants to write. When I give her a writing assignment, she has serious writer's block (ie writer's rebellion??). Anyway, I've heard great things about this writing program and am looking forward to having her go through it.
Okay, that's all my ideas for now. Share your ideas for school next year, won't you?

P.S. After I got done writing this post, I realized that I have nearly mastered the art of procrastination. (It's only taken 30ish years.) I have SO much to do to finish up this year, why is my mind thinking about next year?? Goodness! I can't stand it that I do that. I've got to buckle down and finish this year out strong. Well, anyway maybe with these ideas out of my head, I'll have more room in there (my head) for working on this year.


  1. I struggle with helping Alex with writing and another homeschooler suggested Institute for Excellence in Writing. Are you going to use the videos or do the teaching yourself?

  2. I have almost mastered the art of procrastination, but not quite. I'll get around to it eventually.