Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moussing Foam Wax

If you've been reading my blog (which I hope you have :) you know that I like to mix it up. You know, post about different aspects of my life. Well, today's aspect is my hair. I finally found a product that I LOVE for my difficult hair. Pantene Texture Moussing Foam Wax yes, I realize that it sounds like I'm buffing a car, however this stuff works wonders on my hair. I have short to medium length hair that is thick but lays very flat and straight. This product gives me volume, style and a shiny finish. And without a lot of fuss--I slather it on, blow-dry my hair and I'm good to go.

Now my problem is that I can't find the product...oh, the woes of hair.

Walmart no longer carries it and from the comments on the Pantene link I provided above other Moussing Foam Wax lovers are having the same problem. Eeegads! When I do find it...I'm stocking up! It lasts a long time because a little dab'll do ya (does anyone else remember that commercial?)

Okay, the hair-ommercial is over for today...hop on over to We are THAT Family for more Works for Me Wednesday ideas. And if you are here visiting, I sure hope you'll come back and see me real soon!


  1. Paul Mitchell makes a spray was that may be easier to find than the Pantene.

  2. great post. i missed this weeks WFMW cause I have nothing to share. LOL but yours is pretty good :)