Friday, August 28, 2009

The Helper of the Year Award...

goes to Marissa! Today she helped me declutter and clean the craft closet. A huge job, let me tell you. Hopefully tomorrow I will post pictures, except we forgot to take one of the closet before we took EVERYTHING out of it and put it in the girls' room. As Marissa said, "Mom, it's best we don't think about what it did look like!" And she's right.

We took out two bags of recycle trash and took two bags plus some extras to Goodwill. Now that's some major decluttering!

I've been needing to reorganize the school room again, but I've been seriously dragging my feet. Today I figured out why--much of the stuff that migrates to the school room belongs in the craft closet. And the closet's major state of disarray had me overwhelmed and bogged down. I knew I couldn't take anything out of the school room because it had no where to go. Now, thanks to the perseverance and help of my sweetie, we have a clean, organized closet. Thank you, thank you, {taking our bow}.

Marissa and I talked about how if something needs put away and the place where it goes is full, cluttered or hard to get to...the something will NOT be put away. It will be stacked, laid, tossed aside until the family can now longer enjoy their living space. (It doesn't take too much for me to reach the point of too much visual clutter, but somehow I keep letting it get built up.)

Tomorrow (I suppose it's really 'today'), I plan on digging into the school room. My goals are to
  • make room in the filing cabinet--which will entail throwing some things away. It's just way too crowded in there.
  • file the two piles of paper that are waiting for room in the file cabinet.
  • clear away any loose items--throw away if possible, containerize if I must keep it.
  • make sure every thing has a 'home' and make sure all homes are easily accessible to the ones responsible for putting things away.
Hope I can get Marissa to help me tomorrow!

Edited to add pictures of the before and after. I so wish we'd taken a "before" of the closet. Just imagine the closet brimming to the fullest with all this stuff! {dreadful}

all the stuff on the girls' floor

the finished closet--clean and organized

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon to see what else I can get organized!

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