Monday, August 31, 2009

The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers

This morning Trenton and I were having a meaningful conversation in the bathroom while getting ready for the day. He was telling me almost word for word about the recent Pooh and Tigger dvd he watched. Apparently Tigger and Pooh (and the gang) are going to the North Pole to find Santa. At some point Pooh spots Santa and proclaims, "There he is." To which Tigger replied, "I told you it was Santa. I told you so!"

I gently told Trenton that "I told you so" is not a kind thing to say. I went on, "God wants us to be kind to each other. And the way we use our words is important."

Trenton: "I don't think Tigger knows God."
Mom: "You may be right. What should we do?"
Trenton: "I could write a letter {and he starts holding an imaginary pencil and making writing motions with his little 4 year old left hand...yep, he's a lefty!}. The mail man could pick up the letter and go into the movies and give it to Tigger. What if Tigger doesn't believe what the letter says?"
Mom: "Well, our job is to tell people (and Disney characters) about Jesus."
Trenton: "Yeah, and when Tigger opens the letter it will say, 'This is true. God wants us to be kind.' "

What a sweet boy! He loves to solve problems and he is a great thinker. (And to be fair...and rhyming, he can also be a big stinker!) I pray that God will give me wisdom, discernment and strength as my Hunny and I seek to raise our kids for His glory.

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  1. Awwww! What a sweetie and what a great life lesson!