Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let the learning commence!

Our home school year officially started yesterday. Over the years we've done different beginnings, however last year and this year we chose a 'slow start'. We begin with two subjects and every 3-5 school days we add another subject. This gives us all time to practice the schedule and routine as well as savor the summer days. I know that we are teaching and learning all the time and that's one of the things I love, love, love about homeschooling.

I need to take a "first day" picture, but it will now be called the "first week" picture! :) I'll post it as soon as I am able. Have a told you that we are now homeschooling 8th grade, 2nd grade and a 4 year old (doing preschool). My 4 year old loves to do 'school' work so I've come up with some activities just right for him. Tomorrow I'll share what I'm using with each girl...I am looking forward to a fun year!

The biggest thing to tackle is getting on schedule and keeping a routine! I want to be balanced somewhere between being too rigid and being too lax. That's hard!

Well, in keeping with the routine, I must go start supper. Both girls have soccer games tonight.

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  1. Schooling year-round has turned out to be what works best for us. We seem to lose so much when we stop for the Summer. That doesn't mean that we don't slow things down to a more leisurely pace during the Summer, though! ;)