Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some go out, some come in

Fun computer time this weekend with my favorite teenager at my side! We (really she) figured out how to change my blog template with something other than the regular blogger templates. I like the finished look and am now getting used to 3 columns. (Seriously, who, other than me realizes that there are now 3 columns instead of two??)

And to add to the blogging fun, I went through my list of blog favorites (in my bookmarks) and deleted ones that I no longer read or that no longer update their blog. Interestingly, I also went through my medicine shelf and spice shelf and threw away outdated, no longer used medicine, vitamins and spices. But, I suppose that's another post.

I wanted to share some new blogs that I've bookmarked in my favorites::
  • The first one is none other than my favorite teenager! She's a new blogger. So go on over and encourage the blossoming writer...and then leave her a comment reminding her to get to her schoolwork!! :)
  • Simple Mom is the second new one. I have to come back to this one, but at first glance (okay, first 30 minute perusal) it looks like I'm going to enjoy it! I'll try to remember to let you know what I think as I have more time to look around.
Okay, now to finish up a good weekend with some family time--watching Extreme Home Makeover. :)

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