Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beaver Lapbook

In Science, we are studying about the beaver. What better way to learn and remember than putting together a lapbook!

Here are some resources I found for our beaver lapbook.
HomeschoolShare has a great beaver lapbook for FREE.
Hands of a Child has one that looks great too.
Jimmie gives a wealth of information about creating an Animal Lapbook on Squidoo
Here's a great Squidoo lens on a Beaver Unit Study
National Geographic has a page all about beavers...pictures, facts, even an audio of beaver sounds. Be sure to search the National Geographic home page for other information about the beaver. They have a 2 minute video that was good.
Enchanted Learning has a page about beavers

I also had Bethany look through our old (very old) Ranger Rick and Backyard Animals magazines. She found some pictures and stories that we will be adding to the learning. She can also use the pictures to decorate her lapbook.

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