Saturday, January 2, 2010

Galloping the Globe--India

In my quest to be prepared for school, I'm working on getting the Galloping the Globe countries planned out for at least all of January. That would include Japan, India and Israel. You can view my Japan resources here. By the way, I {heart} Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations. She has made it so easy to put together my weekly country studies.

Homeschool Creations--India, week 1 and week 2
Information on India for a first grade class (I printed off this sheet and Bethany and I will read over it.)

We are going to be truly 'galloping' the globe--spending only one week in each country. Because I wasn't diligent in the fall...we need to buckle down and get busy. I also think that spending one week in each country is fine as my girl is in 2nd grade and will be 'revisiting' these places as she gets older.

Basically my week for each country will look like this::
Day 1--Geography (maps and globe), landforms, flag and stamp passport. We will also start reading the books we've borrowed from the library on that particular country. Each day we will continue reading the books and using the information we find to fill out our country sheet and/or passport.
Day 2--Children Just Like Me book and notebooking sheet (notebooking sheet from Homeschool Creations), clothing and religion. For religion we are using "Window on the World" by Daphne Spraggett.
Day 3--special landform, animal or person from that country
Day 4--traditions, sports
Day 5--Food, art

I may switch what we do on a particular day, but this is the basic outline. I'm looking forward to studying the countries this way.

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  1. It looks like you have some great stuff in there! Keep up the good work. :D