Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Week #3 (in a row) of Menu Planning! I dare say that it's becoming a habit! :) I really enjoy the way it takes the guess work out of "What's for dinner??" at 5 p.m. A couple things that I need to do now are:
  • try to expand our menu choices--make a new meal every two weeks or maybe even every week
  • keep a running list of ingredients that each meal needs
  • take inventory of the pantry and freezer every so often (probably 2 weeks for the pantry and every month for the freezer) so that nothing is getting shoved to the back and not being used.
This week's menu is somewhat bland and even uses one meal that was on the menu for last week. My hunny took me out for our anniversary, so that meal didn't get made. :)

Monday--lasagna **freezer meal** (note to self--next time be sure to set it out to thaw)
Wednesday--chicken and stuffing from last week
Thursday--chili **using freezer Big Beef Batch**
Friday--homemade pizza

Simple, but filling!
For many more menu plans, hop over to Organizing Junkie.

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