Thursday, December 13, 2007

Making Gingerbread Houses

Icing, candy, and graham crackers...what's not to enjoy?

Here's a recipe for the icing:
3 Tablespoons of powdered meringue
6 Tablespoons warm water
4 cups confectioner's sugar

Beat for 7-12 minutes with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form.
Keep icing covered with a damp cloth when not using to avoid it getting hard. If the icing does get too stiff, just add a little water.

We used graham crackers to make our houses. Using a small ziploc bag as an icing bag, I cut a small hole in the corner and away they went. We let them set up for 30 minutes of so before adding the roof tops. Then we took our creations to a homeschool event where each family brought a bag of decorating candies. The girls decorated their houses showing a lot of creativity and personality.


  1. I had fun decorating my house. Thanks for taking us mom. You're the BEST!!!
    ~ marissa

  2. Fun times! Leala made her's at preschool on Thursday on a day parents got to come too, so I got to make it with her!