Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thankfulness Disguised

Lately I've been held captive. I believe the captor is God Himself. I've shared in the past that I've been studying about His holiness. This study continues to deepen my awe of Him and sharpen the awareness of my own sinfulness. On top of that, He is using the words of others to stir in me a strong compassion for the hurting. Some blogs, some emails, some phone conversations, all words of others in need of prayer. Some have lost babies (iddy, biddy ones), some have cancer, some are facing financial strain, some of their marriages are in trouble and yet there are still others. The reality of pain and suffering has made me rely on HIM all the more.

Alistair Begg, in an article titled Pain: God's Megaphone said, "Each of us must recognize how easy it is to think little of God when all is well on the outside. But what a change occurs when, for example, the biopsy comes back positive. A sharp blast of anxiety comes to shatter any illusions of self-sufficiency. How kind of God to rouse us and bring us to the place of dependence."

My heart is tender for these ones who have gone through such suffering and pain. They have walked through trials deep and dark. Their testimony is sweet, still honest about the hurt. They know that God is on the throne. That He has a plan for their lives. That He will carry them.

I am learning from them.
I am learning an utter thankfulness for each day I have with my hunny and children.
I am so thankful for good health and I do not want to ever take that for granted.
I am learning to pray earnestly for those whom I don't know--or know only through the blogosphere.
I am thankful for God, my Rock and my Refuge, in whom is my Hope.

If you are so inclined read some of their stories. Pray for some of their hurts. Get ready to be changed.

Joseph--a 3 year old just diagnosed with an aggressive tumor called anaplastic astrocytoma.
Tristan--a 6 day old little boy born with a genetic disorder (trisomy 18) that will most likely end his life shortly.
Poppy Joy--a blog dedicated to a sweet baby girl who is now in heaven. Her parents share their amazing testimony and journey down a road they never thought they'd travel.
Elisha--7 years old, just had his second heart surgery. He and his family are missionaries in Alaska.

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