Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Quick Meals

Today's Works for Me Wednesday is a "What do I fix" Edition. This is a great idea because as Shannon has said--we all have those days when it's 5:00 and we have no clue what we are going to make for supper. So, new visitors, thanks for stopping by and checking out what I make for supper in a pinch. I hope you feel welcome and at home. Come back anytime!

Before I share what I fix when I have no plan--I want to say that I was hoping this was going to be "Backwards WFMW" because I have a question. If you are so inclined, leave an answer in the comments and I'd be so grateful. My question: Is it acceptable and dare I say, perceived as loving and thoughtful to email our family Christmas newsletter? The list of family and friends that we send Christmas newsletters and pictures to is around 100. It can't be shrunk. Let me know what you think, please.

Okay, on to my quick meals...

Chicken and Stuffing
Preparation time is 10 minutes, cook time 30 minutes. You will need chicken (boneless, skinless, brea*sts), stuffing, and cream of mushroom soup. The recipe is linked with the title. Good!

Breakfast for Supper
Pancakes or scrabbled eggs are fair game for supper at our house. I have an easy recipe for pancake mix.
2 c. any combination of flours (I like to use whole wheat and oat, other options rye, white, rolled oats, wheat germ, cornmeal, etc.)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix these dry ingredients. [You can make several batches of this recipe and store in freezer sandwich bags or containers in the frig. or freezer until ready for use.]

Add these ingredients when you are ready to make the pancakes:
2 c. milk
1 egg
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup honey

Mix until just until blended. Pour on hot sprayed griddle.
Other easy meals:
  • spaghetti (sometimes I have already browned meat in the freezer, sometimes we eat it meatless.) Bag of ravioli that Shannon mentioned is a quick pasta meal too.
  • Egg noodles cooked according to package directions, then mixed with a can of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup (sometimes I have already cooked, cubed chicken in the freezer, sometimes we eat it meatless). A frozen veggie, like peas or broccoli, can be added.
  • Salad with chopped chicken, carrots and croutons
Here are a couple things I do to try to AVOID the "5 o'clock and no plan for supper" syndrome.
  • Cook and freezer batches of ground beef and chicken. I usually freeze them in 2 cup quantities. Label with date. I try to do this every couple months.
  • Plan for supper by 10 a.m. Get meat out of freezer, put bread in the bread machine, etc.
Well, I think that's it for now. It's 10:40 a.m. and I need to go plan for supper. :)

Thanks Shannon for hosting. Be sure to go to Rocks in my Dryer for more quick meal ideas.


  1. I'm going to have to say that it is not "acceptable" to email your Christmas newsletters. Although this is an easy solution and I wouldn't care if I received an Christmas update by email (and actually might prefer it), I don't think that most people who have been sending/receiving Christmas cards for much longer than I would think it was okay. Looks like you'll have to spend the $41.00 in postage, sorry.

  2. I would say email away. I've received email Christmas letters before and not thought a thing about it. What do I do when I get a Christmas letter in the mail? I read it and throw it away. Plus I think you can include more people on your Christmas letter list when you email. Just my opinion of course. I will say though that I do enjoy getting stuff in the mail.

  3. I say email some, snail mail some. Some people live in their computers and an emailed letter would go over just fine with them. Others prefer to have an actual paper in their hand, still others might consider it something of an insult, and some might never get it at all if it gets lost in their filters.

    So mail it to the ones you think would prefer that, email it to everyone else. :)

  4. Personally, I prefer snail mailed Christmas cards. I enjoy going out to the mailbox each day during Christmas time to see which new cards are in there and who they are from.
    With that said, I understand that some people for whatever reason (money, time, personal preference, etc.) send their updates to us through email. No matter which way I receive it, I still appreciate hearing from people who I have not heard from over the last year.
    I think some people get too caught up in details. It is the thought that counts. Do what works best for you. Hopefully, your family and friends will understand.

  5. I feel a little personally cheated when I get an email Christmas newsletter. Maybe I'm just jealous though because I know there Christmas card took much less time than mine and I want my time back. I'm not helping you, am I? I do say that hand mailed letters trump emailed letters though.

  6. Hi Heather: Sounds like we have a lot in common. You should know thou that although I am computer literate, obviously since I am here. That I save all my Christmas cards/letter etc. Started putting them into binders with plastic sleeves some years ago. I love getting them out and rereading them... and kids and grandkids do to. I also print out the ones that I can from email to include. Just a thought to add to the others.