Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Works for Me--Laundry Edition

I have a couple favorite laundry products. First I must share with you that I love things that smell clean and fresh. That means if the laundry soap doesn't smell fresh and clean, I'm leaving it on the store shelf; if our laundry comes out of the dryer smelling less than fresh and clean, it's going back in the get the point.

So these are some products that I feel are worth their cost for the job they do.

  • Tide--need I say more? I realize I may spend a little extra, however I use less and our clothes come out fresh and clean. I guess I did need to say more.
  • Borax--this box of powdery freshness makes me smile each time I sprinkle some in my washer. This is an excerpt from their website:
"For over 100 years, 20 Mule Team® Borax has been a staple in millions of homes. Whether it's giving your family's laundry that extra kick or cleaning and freshening your home, 20 Mule Team® Borax is the essential multi-purpose solution for every home."

Are you smiling yet?

Visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer for more Works-for-me-Wednesday ideas. One last comment--If you do not enjoy doing laundry as much as I do, please don't despair. We all have our 'favorite' things to do, mine just happens to be laundry. To be fair, I don't like putting away the clean clothes, but washing, drying and folding are satisfying tasks for me. And the clothes smell so good.


  1. Glad to know there's a fellow laundry lover out there! I really enjoy the laundry too. :)
    Hope you're having a good week!

  2. Yah! What fun to have that in common!

    We're doing okay here, how about you guys?