Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Tales of Runaway Bunny

As I said earlier, Zoey ran away two nights ago. She picked a fine time to leave was cold and rainy. I felt really bad, because I think I was the one who didn't latch her door all the way. The next morning--no Zoey. I searched the neighborhood to no avail (although I did meet another neighbor that we hadn't met yet). I looked under neighbors' sheds, decks, in bushes and behind trees. I even stepped in major doggie do-do with my good gym shoes. I realize I shouldn't have had my good gym shoes on, however, when you are responsible for losing the family pet, you pull on the closest thing, run out of the house pre-shower, looking feverishly for the bunny.

The kids were sad, but as Trenton said, "Maybe she went looking for her mommy and daddy." How can you argue with that?

She was gone all day--the kids proposed that she was out having an adventure (I was just hoping she wasn't the adventure!) Bethany said that she probably ate grass and hopped around. Trenton said that maybe she saw other bunnies...maybe she did, hopefully she didn't.

Then at bedtime, my hunny looked outside the backdoor only to see Zoey in our empty garden. She ran back through the crack in the fence over the neighbors, so you know where we went....yup over to the neighbors again. There may be some Ms. Manners violation when you visit newly met neighbors twice in one day--the very day you met them. We are in their yard, looking, Zoey.

To bring this story to a close, everyone went to bed except Marissa and I. We saw her finally at 11:30 hopping through our yard. 20 minutes in the freezing cold...we caught her. She is safe and sound in her cage. She knows who her momma is...she knows who feeds her and waters her. :) I'm glad she's home. I didn't realize bunnies had that sense of home like dogs and cats do.

Oh, Bethany made "Missing" signs as soon as she found out Zoey was gone. The above writing is my sweet 6 1/2 year old trying to find our bunny.


  1. What an adventure! I'm glad that you got your bunny back.

  2. Aw, now that is a happy ending! Next time tell her to try it when it's warm outside at least!
    Have a great weekend!