Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Baby Gift: Crocheted Edge Blanket

The baby gift is finished, just in the nick of time. The shower is this morning.
I got my inspiration here and here. My friend, Jackie, who is a wonderful seamstress and fiber artist, helped me sew the edge. She serged all the way around and then we made a small hem which we sewed around. I used a piece of flannel I already had; next time I'd love to peruse the baby flannel at the local fabric shop! Then I crocheted around using a pattern I found here at Crafty Chic.

The most time consuming part was the first row of crocheted edging. The second row went very fast--good thing because it was getting late and I was starting to see double. :~)

Okay, so now I'm off to the shower!

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  1. How lovely! You did some very nice work and I am sure it will be enjoyed for years to come.