Sunday, March 9, 2008

I keep you safe

Little boy toddled in our room early yesterday morning. He climbed up asking, as he was snuggling into the covers, "I sleep with you?"

Me: "Yes, you can sleep with us".

Little boy (with that sweet smile): "Oh, good, Momma and Dadda."

Me: "Scoot over, I'm falling off the bed."

Little boy (scooting over MORE towards me): "What? You're falling off the bed?"

Me: "Yes, sweet pea, scoot over."

Little boy (wrapping his little arm around me): "Don't worry momma, I won't let you fall. I keep you safe."

I don't deserve such love and apparently I don't deserve any more bed space either. That sweet boy is worth me hanging on to the edge of the bed.