Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zipped Mouths

This afternoon, Bethany (almost 6) and Trenton (2 1/2) were playing together. They were pretending to be a family complete with baby dolls and diaper bags. They had been to the store and the library when I noticed the living room being rearranged again. Chairs were set up in rows and little people started filling the "pews". Time for church, they informed me. I was asked to lead the singing and read the Bible story.
We sang a few songs with Trenton running the sound. I started to read the story of Daniel and the lion's den out of the children's Bible. Here's the conversation that followed:
Mom: Daniel prayed to God. There were some other people who didn't want him or anyone else to pray to God. So Daniel...
Bethany: I know this; can I finish reading it?
Mom: Okay, sure.
Bethany shows Trenton the pictures (who is now in the congregation alone with the babies). She continues the story of how Daniel was thrown in the lion's den, but God protected Daniel and kept him safe.
Trenton: How God safe?
Bethany: God shut the mouths of the lions.
Trenton: How God shut the mouths?
Bethany: You know how a zipper works? You zip it right up and it closes your coat. Well, God zipped up the mouths of those lions. And Daniel was safe.
Thank you God for zipping up the mouths of those lions.

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