Wednesday, March 12, 2008


About 8 or 9 years ago I started keeping a journal of my day. In this journal (basically a notebook), I'd write the date and then just jot things that either needed to be done or something I wanted to remember. When I would visit a friend, I'd write that in there including any prayer requests my friend might have, any new recipes or organizing tips she shared with me, etc.

In the left side margin, I write "book", "poem", "Julie's cookie recipe", and so on. This way I have a quick reference guide as I browse through the pages.

These books are quite a treasure. As I go back and read through them, I'm so glad that I've done this. Reading quotes from books, favorite hymns, a funny the kids said, something that God was teaching me, is truly a trip down memory lane. I see a difference between these notebooks and my personal journal. Reading back over my personal journals are more painful at times. Those contain more confessions of sins, discouragements, crying out to the Lord, sorrow as well as things God is teaching me, verses that are meaningful to me, etc.

I'm encouraged to continue keeping notebooks and personal journals as they help me clearly see God's faithfulness and goodness to me.

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