Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Diary of Anne Frank

Our next book club book is The Diary of Anne Frank. I'm in the midst of reading it (again, I read it in high school) and Marissa is listening to the unabridged version on CD. Due to some visual processing problems Marissa has been experiencing, she has difficulty reading. It's been strange because she has always loved to read and knew how to read before I taught her. Anyway, we've altered our plans to include books on CD and mom reading more aloud.

Here are some of the free online resources I've found for discussing Anne Frank.

Good ole Cliff Notes.
Class Zone Novel Guides--includes Theme openers, cross curricular activities, and research assignments. One of the cross curricular ideas is to make the number six million meaningful to the class. Relate the genocide of six million people to something like people in the city of_____, times a football stadium would have to be filled up, etc. This is a good idea--even for me to 'see' the hugeness of it.
A lesson plan from Education World--good resource
Free Literature Resources from Webteaching (sign up free with your email address)

Okay, now I've got to go through these resources and narrow down what I want to do with the group. We only have 2 hours and it goes by fast. A good friend of mine is leading the "Miniature Literature Club" and they are reading Mrs. Katz and Tush. I've got to get this one from the library and start reading it with Bethany. Lit club is next Wednesday!

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