Sunday, March 8, 2009

Phonics Fun

Today I came across a pack of picture cards that I'd made for beginning sounds. Bethany was home from church sick, so I thought she might like to play with them. I got out the letter tiles from our Scrabble game and she used those to finish the words. Each card has a picture, for example a picture of a boat, then underneath the picture it says _oat. She found the "b" and put it on the card. Also in the pack where two letter beginning sounds like "train" and "chain".

Easy to make and fun to use.

Here was the cutest part...Bethany was trying to sound out the "sh" sound. She was thinking really hard and then she said, "My brain knows what it is, but it won't push it out so my vocal chords can say it!"


  1. That is so funny! Love the cards! Reminds me of our days/projects from college classes!