Saturday, March 14, 2009

T in Pictures

Well, Trenton was given a leather jacket from some friends. Although it is too big for him, he loves to wear it around the house. Marissa had this photo shoot with him--she didn't prompt him on how to stand. He did this on his own. I'm worried...

Here he is in the entertainment shelf...again unprompted

And here he is learning to knit with our dear friend and knitting teacher...Ms. Jackie. He really wanted to learn and bless her heart, she tried to show him. After he couldn't quite get it, he thought rolling the ball of yarn all over the living room sounded like more fun.

And lastly, to end this small show of Trenton in pictures, here he is drumming, first thing in the morning, still in pjs and with Bethany's colored pencils.

Never a dull moment!


  1. Trenton is one cool kid! : )

  2. Thanks Nathan! He is a character, to say the least. So glad to make these cyber-connections with you (blogs and Facebook).