Monday, December 21, 2009

Crafting Fun and Christmas Traditions

I've been busy:

I made this bag for the little girl we watch. {You'll remember I made her this baby doll for her birthday.} I found the instructions here. The bag was not hard to make--all single crochet stitches. I had to make it twice because the first time it was H.U.G.E. Just about as big as a 2 year old. So, I started over and this time reduced the base by at least half. The lining gave me a little trouble, but I persevered and it turned out okay.

I made these monogrammed ornaments for my niece and nephew. I filled the inside with tinsel.

The tree ornament is for some friends of ours. Their last name will be on the other side--written in "puffy" paint.

And the kids and I started the Christmas Story Ornaments from this website. Really cute.

The Christmas letter is written and printed, the envelopes are addressed, the pictures are taken and printed and all I need to finish is wrapping the gifts. I love wrapping gifts. I use the brown Kraft paper and tie the packages up with ribbons and strips of fabric. I love the way the gifts look under the tree! (Of course, I keep the ribbons for other uses and we recycle the paper.)

We have more making and baking to do. In addition we are reading Bartholomew's Passage for Advent. And reading and putting up the "Adorenaments" each evening. Each ornament celebrates a specific name of Christ. A book and CD accompany the ornaments. We've done them for years and enjoy them immensely. Such a wonderful time of making cherished memories.

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