Friday, February 2, 2007

I love being an aunt!

Being an aunt ranks pretty high on my list of favorite things! Between my hunny and I, we have a good number of nieces and nephews. And to make life even more grand, the Lord has allowed us to develop close relationships with a couple friends...and their children call us "aunt" and "uncle". (I'm sure you'll hear more about them on other occasions.)

Last night, the kids and I had the privilege of attending my six year old nephew's art debut. (Hunny had graduate school classes and was unable to come with us.) Tyrese has an incredible talent for drawing. What an exciting time to see his art work on the wall! He was dressed in a spiffy suit, and his mom and sister were there to cheer him on. His teachers lovingly came show their support for him, which thrilled him.

While I don't know much about the program, Art Beyond Boundaries, I did discover that they have a website. Many people commented, that my nephew has talent and his teachers are looking into getting him art lessons. Keep up the good work, Tyrese!

Johnnay, my niece, was a huge help last night with Trenton. He wanted to run among the artists. Between Johnnay, Marissa and myself we kept him (and the museum) safe. We rounded off the evening with dinner at McDonald's. Fun was had by all!

Note: My sil gave me the permission to post her children's pictures on my blog.

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