Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Works for me--Palmolive Oxy Dish Liquid

Okay, who would have guessed that a dish soap could put a smile on my face?!?! Well, I was at a friend's house and helped with supper dishes...and am I glad I did! She had a bottle of Palmolive Oxy Plus dish liquid and it works like a charm! I didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary until I put in my 9x13 baking dish that I'd brought cinnamon rolls in. It had some left over stains that I thought would just live with the dish--but wait...I put it in the dish water, pulled it out a few minutes later and walaaa...clean as a whistle. That is when I started raving about the dish liquid and bought my own bottle when I ran out of the other plain Palmolive. I really like shines up the pans and sink too.

Note: I'm really not a commercial for Palmolive, but thought I'd share that this stuff really works. Pop over to Shannon's Rocks in my dryer for more Works for Me Wednesday ideas.

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