Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thankful for the "little" things

On Saturday, a good friend's apartment building burned down. She escaped with her life, her pj's, coat and purse; her neighbor died. Our friend has the privelege of being a child of God and thanks Him for allowing her to live. She now prays that she will follow hard after Him, serving and glorifying Him. So, she is grateful to have her life, however she has no other earthy possessions. Even though they are just "things", some of them are necessities--clothes, toothbrush, shoes, etc. A another friend of mine suggested that we give her a box of office supplies. Through a house fire, this friend lost everything when she was in high school. Some thoughtful family gave them a box of office supplies and through tears presented it to them. Since then, whenever my friend hears of a fire, she gathers a box of office supplies--stapler, tape, envelopes, paper clips, stamps, writing paper, etc. So practical and thoughtful!

Today, I had the thrill of purchasing and presenting my friend with a Rubbermaid container of office supplies, and I shared the story with her. She was so grateful and her sweet hugs were evidence of her thankfulness. My 4 year old daughter was with me and she was excited to give the box to her. On this good day, I am thanking God for the gift of friendship and for the "little" things in our lives, like paper clips and envelopes.

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