Monday, February 19, 2007

Who is the Culprit?

Okay, I know this is the season of runny noses and colds, but who left a tissue in a pocket only to be consumed and spit back out of the washing machine--in hundreds of tiny pieces, no less?? Who, I ask, who?

While I'm on the subject of well, whatever subject I'm's another thing...
I've been cleaning. No new information there because here I shared with you about how [most] everything was going. Well, that last job was a BIG job. I knew it would be, but I plunged ahead with reckless abandon. To give a small bit of history--the girls and the boy shared a room. It worked out quite well with the girls in bunkbeds and him in a crib. Not much room to do anything else, but it worked. The 'spare room' was used for all things crafty and Marissa's school desk. I was way too embarassed to take a "before" photo, so you'll have to use your imagination on this one. The room was indeed a small disaster. It was obviously too small for a craft room as I had piles of stuff on the table. It was time for a change. The little boy needed a room of his own to aid in a good night's sleep and some individual play times. The girls needed a room of their own so they could play, listen to music, etc.

Now, as I inhaled deeply, I removed all the contents of the spare room and put them (well, it's not important where I put them). I moved the little boy's crib and clothes into his new clean room. He has a bookcase with some of his books and toys on the bottom shelf. I will post a picture of that soon--because it is now clean and organized. But, you are asking where did all the crafts go?? Inhale deeply again....into one small closet in the hallway. Have I gone mad?? A whole room of crafts into one small closet?? Oh, I'm forgetting to breathe...I purged what I could and organized what was left. To be honest, there are still some more items that have no home, but I'm working on that teensy tiny problem. What a job that was? Is anyone else as tired as I am just from reading this?

Here's my issue currently, now that I have my crafts neatly organized...I have no desire to use them because that would mean that I have to get them out of that neatly organized closet. This happens to me in the kitchen too. The kitchen is clean and I don't want to bake or cook because that would mess it up. Silly, I know, and of course, I am feeding my children, so the kitchen is getting messy again and I'll clean it up again. So, I expect, I'll be back to scrapbooking and other crafts in due time. Oh, I'll post pictures of the closet too before I dig into it again. :)

Added to post on 2.22.2007

The Baby Boy's Room

The Organized Craft closet

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  1. You are so funny!!! Be sure to post some pictures of the organized closet too! :) Have a good one!