Saturday, May 5, 2007

Book Notes: It's All Too Much

I recently read It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh. An easy read with lots of good tips on organizing and decluttering. One thing he said that sticks out to me is that when tackling a room or area to organize, most people go out and buy more organizing tools--containers, tubs, hooks, etc. He encourages the reader to declutter and purge first and most likely there will be no need for more tubs. I found this to be so true while doing my 30 day Organizational Challenge. I had given myself a $30 budget, but didn't even need it. I had everything I needed right here. Brutal purging was the best advice I received and followed.

Here is more from his book.
Clutter steals our space. We only have the space we have, so either move to a bigger home (NOW) or get rid of stuff. "Commit to have open, clutter-free space in your home and you soon discover that the mood you create externally in your home begins to fill you internally. Clarity, perspective, focus and a sense of openness all ocme with clutter-free space." p. 40

In the book, he asks the reader why we have so many pairs of socks?? The drawer barely closes, tiny pieces of material stick out from the crammed drawer and we can only wear ONE pair at a time. Directly after reading this part, I removed at least half of my socks. Now the drawer closes easily and I'm more apt to put clothes away right away because they fit in the drawer!

The single most important factor in deciding what you should have in your home is now clear: Does this item enhance and advance the vision I have for the life I want or does it impede that vision? p. 52
Good question to ask myself! I want my home to be a calm, peaceful haven for all who enter. With piles of clutter, that vision is NOT possible. Our home is also the place where we spend a lot of time. We homeschool and in order to enjoy our days, I cannot have clutter laying around. My mind is more clear and I don't find myself frustrated.

Some other good articles/blogs on organizing:
Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie has a great blog for all kinds of organizing tips and links. She also has a post this week on Peter Walsh's appearance on Oprah.

Homeliving Helper had a good post on streamlining our homes. She talks about decluttering and that the result is an easier time cleaning. I have found this to be true of my living room, kitchen and baby boy's room. A couple friends graciously came over and helped me clean these areas (as well as the bathroom and girls' room). These areas are streamlined--no clutter, everything has a home, etc. I am so pleased at how much easier it is to maintain the house. It's been at least 3 weeks, maybe 4 and I'm still maintaining with relative ease. :)

Many of us are familiar with The FlyLady. Here is an article on decluttering.

There are many more. I'll add as time allows.

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