Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Graduation Open Houses

We have had the privelege of being invited to several open houses, mainly for high school graduates, and a couple for college/masters graduates. Most of the high school graduates, we had in youth ministry years ago (starting when they were in 6th grade!). Aside from feeling old, it has been really neat to see these young people growing up with so many dreams and aspirations ahead of them.

One of the masters grads is a young woman that we've known since she was in 5th grade. She has been married almost 3 years now and they are expecting their first baby in November. What a joy to have been part of her life all these years. The other night she said to us that she considers us part of her family...so sweet.

Speaking of sweet(s), cake and goodies have been the biggest downfall for me. It taunts me, stares me down, teases me as I whisk by, daring me to partake. Admittedly, I have eaten some, but tried to keep it in some moderation. I've got to keep it in perspective because we have several more events in the weekends to come.

Back to the graduates, our prayer for them is that they will follow what the Lord has for them and that they will obey His Word all the days of their lives.

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