Monday, May 21, 2007

Planting our Garden

Ahh, the feel of dirt running through my fingers, the warmth of sunshine on my back, the satisfaction of our very own vegetables growing in our backyard! Bethany and I planted our small garden today. We had a great time together. She enjoys digging and worked extremely hard helping me. We planted tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers. We had to fence in the 8x8 space so that Peter Cottontail won't be able nibble away at our veggies.
I have this book on my shelf and thought I'd mention it here. The book gives games, crafts and activities for children (probably ages 5-12 or so) surrounding the seasons (except winter). It is called Learn and Play in the Garden by Meg Herd. One can find lots of tid bits and tips on the side bars, too. Interesting and fun and all in the backyard!

I just started investigating gardening websites (for preschoolers/homeschoolers, etc). This website looks interesting: the feature story is edible landscapes. With a "digging deeper" section, this site has mounds of activities, articles and plenty to get your garden growing!

Here is a thematic lesson plan called From Seeds to Plants, appropriate for early elementary. Looks interesting.

Well, I can totally get caught up in this fun stuff, but I've got to go make dinner!

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  1. LOVE the picture of you and your girls!!!!!! Ah, I envy you a little to have a place to have a garden. One of these days, I hope we're in a house where we can do that too! I hear you on the finding fun teaching lessons to go along with stuff like that! It's addicting :) ha!