Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Quiet Birthday

I'd mentioned on Monday that we were going to be celebrating a birthday on Friday...our sweet girl was going to turn 5. The week was filled with illness and the morning of the birthday was spent in the ER, then the doctor's office. With praise to the Lord, we are thankful that she is doing better and so are the rest of us (we were all sick, except for Hunny).

Although the birthday get together was cancelled, I went ahead a made a smaller version of the ice cream cake and we celebrated as a family. The idea and directions for the cake were found in a Martha Stewart magazine called Kids (summer 2005 issue).

I made the little turtle plushies from felt using these directions from a website called CraftBits. I enlarged the pattern to 120% on my copier and used two different shades of green felt. I also changed the directions a little; instead of sewing around each limb and the head, I used my sewing machine to sew the whole bottom together in one piece, then the whole top. From there I blanket stitched around and when I finished a limb or the head, I would stuff it with fluff before moving on. Lastly, I stuffed the shell before finishing the stitching. Oh, I also used puffy fabric paint for the top of the shell instead of embroidery. The button eyes are so cute.

We had a good time as a family, then all took our vitamins and medicine and went to bed.
Happy 5th Birthday, sweet girl!

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