Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Topsy Turvy

I find it very interesting that my last two posts were about using my time wisely and since then I've been busy as a little beaver! Trying to keep the priorities were they belong hasn't left much time for blogging, but here I am tonight with a small update on what's been going on here.

Today the water heater decided it had heated enough water in its life time and now it was time to leak all over the floor. And I do mean leak, it was all over the closet, bathroom and even seeped through the wall to the other side which was the frig...so water was all over the kitchen floor too. It literally turned my day upside down, not to mention the checkbook. I'd just gotten off the phone with a friend who lives in another state. We don't get to talk often so it was a pleasant treat. We said our parting words and I went into the bathroom and there it was...water everywhere.

5 hours and hundreds of dollars later, all is well. (Although I'm still washing towels used in the massive clean-up efforts.) I forgot to pay the mortgage, I didn't have time to cook dinner...and so on.

Oddly enough we did get school done and chores mostly finished. This evening we went for a bike ride (my Hunny was able to find a used bike for a reasonable price, so we are sharing that until we get one more for me). We hooked the little trailer onto the back, oldest daughter was on her bike and Bethany was on hers (still with training wheels). Baby boy was in the trailer enjoying the ride until something starting bothering him (I still don't know what it was). But I took him out and held him and he did NOT want to get back in for anything. Of course we were about a mile from home and it was starting to get dark. Marissa carried that boy and I walked both bikes the mile home. Bethany, thankfully was doing well on her bike. (I know some would say, "why didn't you just MAKE him ride in the trailer?" And that is a good question, one I would have asked myself. We were in our residential neighborhood, he is screaming like I'm doing him bodily harm, I am trying to snap the buckles around him and he is wiggling around about to choke himself, I tried, oh, did I try to make him ride in that trailer. It wasn't going to happen.)

It wasn't the way I would have chosen to take a bike ride, but it was a fitting end to a topsy turvy day. Oh, and I have a blister on my foot. I'd better drink a tall glass of water and go to bed.

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  1. Man, I'm glad my little boy isn't the only one out there that has moments of completely losing it!I can totally relate!