Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Importance of Fathers

Somewhat late for Father's Day, still of great importance.

A father who is bringing up his children according to God's law "puts the hay where the sheep can reach it"--teaches, for example, that it is not enough to claim you haven't punched anybody today or run off with anybody else's toys or cookies, haven't teased your little brother or argued with your mother. He must teach positive acts of thoughtfulness such as doing obvious things without having to be asked--feed the baby his applesauce, pick up the garbage the dogs strewed around, help a younger child clean up his room, replace paper and pencil taken from the telephone by someone else. Love sees what ought to be done and does it.

A father's thoughtfulness or thoughtlessness will be reproduced in his children. Our father's gentleness and respect for Mother set the tone for us. No amount of talking penetrates as deeply as example.

Elisabeth Elliot in Shaping of a Christian Family, p. 134

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