Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No more dry heels

Dry cracked heels are just a part of summer....or are they?

I've been pampering my heels with a low cost and very effective combination of exfoliating and lotioning. For exfoliating, I'm using the Dr. Scholl's for her exfoliating stone file (link is above). Specially shaped for heels and soles, it does a fabulous job when used once a day in the shower. The lotion I am using is also Dr. Scholl's For Her Softening Balm (link above).

These two items help send me off to dream land in smoothy softness.

For more great Works for Me ideas, visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.

1 comment:

  1. WOW, thanks for the tip, heather! As a frequent flip flop wearer, my heels are not looking the best. =( I'm going to try your tip out as soon as I get home from my trip!

    Thanks again, and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! =)