Friday, June 8, 2007

The Littles

Last night as I was tucking the girls into bed, Bethany asked me if I would please lay in her bed for a while. You have to understand that her bed is packed like she's going on a 3 month safari. She's got babies, blankets, clothes (hers and the babies), books, match-box cars, and I'm sure there are some things I forgot. I am reminded of my brother Mike who used to have his bed piled high with stuffed animals. :)

So now you have a picture of the bed I'm supposed to be sharing with Sweet~pea. I obliged, and now picture me hanging off the side of the bed, trying to appear comfortable. We lay there a few minutes and I quietly tell her that I'm now going to go to bed...

Sweet~pea: Do you want a pillow, Momma?
Me: No, I really want to go to my bed.
Sweet~pea: I really want to go to your bed too.
Me, smiling: Oh, as sweet as that sounds, I'm going to go by my self.

Unfortunately, it ended with a few tears and me telling her that I love her and would see her in the morning. I love my children, at the same time, I really enjoy their bedtime at which time I can relax and unwind.

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  1. AW! Sweet! Leala has started to ask us to go to our room too. We tell her we'd be sad if she didn't use the nice, comfy bed we got her :)
    Have a great weekend!