Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things I learned in Graduate School Part 2

I struggle with consistency. There I said it and now you know it. Of course, you who already know me, know that I struggle with consistency. Having a good plan and starting well are the easy parts for me. Staying the course and being faithful to what I know to be good, those are the hard parts. So in my evaluation of the last two years, here's what I didn't do so well on:

  • Consistency with being firm in the training of our children
  • Consistency with exercising
  • Consistency with eating well
  • Consistency with reading, meditating and memorizing Scripture
  • Consistency with keeping track of bill due dates
  • Consistency with keeping Marissa on schedule with school
I'm sure I could add to this list, but you get the idea.
Without going in a list of excuses why I wasn't consistent in these areas, I am, instead, going to continue practicing good habits in each of these areas. Because even though grad school is finished, life is not. The journey isn't over.

I like this quote by William Law:
For God has made no promises of mercy to the slothful and negligent. His mercy is only offered to our frail and imperfect, but best endeavours, to practice all manner of righteousness.

I am working on next year's school schedule which will hopefully instill in Marissa diligence and staying on task. I also need to impose consequences for things that are not done on time. Do you have ideas of what consequences would be appropriate for a 6th grade girl? Taking away privileges is a good idea although, we don't do a lot that can be taken away. Well, let me know what you come up with.

I'm working on my personal goals--Bible reading and memorization, exercise, eating well, etc. And my hunny is helping with the bills again (whew, what a relief) and of course, he'll be home more to help with discipline and training.

So, with God's help and for His glory, I am making strides toward consistency.

Are you working towards any goals?

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